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Lynne Door

For the last fifteen years, Lynne has worked in a vast array of industries, freshening established brands as well as launching new identities through innovative, thoughtful design solutions.

Ten years ago, I was a designer at an agency and work was drying up. It was 2009, the economy in a downward spiral…and I? Well, I decided to take a huge risk and go freelance. At a time when businesses were scaling back, I decided to grow. Crazy, right?

Starting a business from scratch is terrifying! I’ve been there. The fear and anxiety are real, and if you’re there right now, I get it, you’re not alone! I understand exactly where you are and where you want to go.

I’ve spent the last ten years helping clients carve out a niche, build their brand and create successful businesses. Whether you’re a small business, big business or just starting out, design is a pivotal part of success. Your brand needs to be strategic and distinctive to connect with customers and leave a lasting impression. That’s where I come in.

Even after a decade, I’m still passionate about all things design. But you know what? The most gratifying aspect of my job is watching my clients grow and build the lucrative business of their dreams!

Aside from design, I’m lucky enough to enjoy 281 sunny days in the best little coastal Southern California surf town that ever existed. I spend lots of time outdoors in nature, doting on my dachshund, working out, traveling, cooking healthy dishes, and sipping a glass of wine or two, every now and again. Cheers friends!